Paradise Valley real estate owners explore Camelback Mountain.Camelback Mountain is a popular hiking destination right in the middle of neighborhoods of Paradise Valley real estate. Get some great exercise and enjoy the views from the top of the 2,704 foot peak. Explore both trails in the area, Echo Canyon Recreation Area and Cholla Trail. Each trail gains about 1,200 feet in elevation and provides hikers the chance to see geological formations and smaller animals such as cottontail rabbits, lizards, squirrels, many varieties of birds, and even rattlesnakes. Larger animals are not often seen due to the fact that the trails are so close to pockets of Paradise Valley real estate. Admire local plants and trees such as saguaro, jumping cholla, staghorn, prickly pear cacti, palo verde, and ironwood.

Get Back to Nature Near Your Paradise Valley Home

These trails are super popular, especially on the weekends during winter and spring. If your Paradise Valley home is close by, consider walking or biking to the trailhead. Other options are to take the trolley, carpool, or visit on the weekdays whenever possible. Keep in mind that parking is limited at the trailheads and hikers may not leave their vehicles on residential streets or they will be towed. Also be aware that dogs are not allowed on either trail, so leave your canine companions at home. Read more about these trails, find driving directions, and plan your adventure to hike Camelback Mountain