Visit Arcosanti near Paradise Valley homes.Art lovers from Paradise Valley homes should make plans to visit Arcosanti. Based on the urban design ideas of Paolo Soleri, Arcosanti offers an alternative to urban sprawl. Soleri’s design ideas looked toward compact spaces which could be used in many different ways. Arcosanti is open for visitors. Come take a guided tour and walk through an example of the way smart urban design can work harmoniously with the natural environment. The regular tour lasts an hour. The guide will take visitors through the compound, explaining the buildings and the principles behind them. Visitors also get to see the bronze foundry and ceramic studio.

Paradise Valley Real Estate Owners Take a Tour of Arcosanti

Paradise Valley real estate owners with a special interest in architecture. Anyone who would like a more in depth look at the philosophy guiding Arcosanti should call ahead to schedule an Architecture and Planning tour. Led by a member of the Planning Department, the tour lasts an hour and a half.

Be sure to leave time at the end of the tour to visit the Gift Gallery. Beautiful Soleri bronze and ceramic bells, sculptures, and planters are available for purchase. These are beautiful additions for Paradise Valley homes. There are also books on architecture and design, as well as original drawings, limited editions, and t-shirts.

Arcosanti is open for visiting seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.