Experience Oahu living at Iolani Palace.Experience Oahu living and learn about the beautiful area’s history in the Iolani Palace. Built in 1879 and home to Hawaii’s royalty, this palace will take your breath away. It holds several aspects to the area’s rich history and is just a gorgeous place to visit. The first and second floors are open for public viewing by either a docent or audio led tour.

This is the very place that Queen Liliuokalani was tried and held under house arrest for five months. It was the home of the great King Kalakaua who was the first to travel to the United States and restored Hawaiian culture. Guests of all types - royalty, sportsmen, artists, and more, were entertained and dazzled in this palace. What better way to experience Oahu living then to learn of the history and magnificence the area presents?

When the government was overthrown, Iolani Palace was used by military officials for over eighty years, they turned the palace into a base for several government facilities. When they were vacated to a new building in 1969, restoration efforts began immediately to bring the palace back to its former beauty. The result is what you can marvel in today.

The Iolani palace will release a sense of pride for all who visit. Seek out the gorgeous museum to truly experience Oahu living.  Click here to visit the museum's website.