Luxury Oahu real estate owners learn photography.There is no better way for luxury Oahu real estate owners to explore the island than to participate in an Oahu Photography Tour. Each grand adventure takes participants on a guided tour around the island and offers advice for taking top notch photos of the beautiful surroundings. This is a great way for luxury Oahu real estate owners to get acquainted with the beauty of the island whether having just moved here, entertaining out of town guests, or even if a long time resident. Tours are limited to seven people at a time and participants are encouraged to bring their own cameras. Gear can also be rented at Hawaii Camera before the tour.

Those owning Oahu real estate have many tours to choose from, or the opportunity to eventually go on all of them! Choices include the Sunrise Tour, Sunset Photo Tour, the Complete Island Tour, Friday Night Light Tour, the Blue Hawaii Photo Tour, the Full Moon Tour, the Whale Watching Photo Tour, or a private tour. All tours involve walking, but some are more suited for those who are unable to walk far distances or handle uneven terrain. Cost and time commitments vary by tour and all include the use of a tripod and raingear if the weather turns soggy. Visit for more information and rates on all of the tours.