Visit historic Oahu real estate.Oahu real estate holds the USS Arizona, which stands in memory of the 1,177 lives lost in the Pearl Harbor attack. Over the decades, a need for a memorial rose to commemorate the tragedy. What was originally a flag pole over the sunken ship, and then a plaque at the bottom, is now a 184-foot memorial that lays over the the resting ground for the men whose lives were so brutally taken. It is a piece of Oahu real estate that brings respect to the area for the artful design of this memorial.

The huge memorial is over the sunken ship, without touching it, and is accessible only by boat. It has three parts, the entry room, assembly room, and the shrine room. On view are all of the names of the lost lives on December 7, 1941. There is an opening that looks on at the sunken ship below, where visitors throw flowers to the fallen heros. The history of the attack is displayed here and there are also ceremonies held. The memorial is a heart wrenching and humbling place that allows you to commemorate the tragic incident in our history.

The memorial is Oahu real estate’s largest attraction, with over one million people visiting it annually. See the history and learn more about the Pearl Harbor attack that led to our involvement in World War II. Pay your respects and visit the USS Arizona today. Click here to visit the monument’s website and plan your trip.